fans from across the UK for the Eckersley Mill gathering. Its incredible seeing my dreams of promoting a large scale Northern Soul event come true, said Jordan. At the height of its popularity the Wigan Casino had over 100,000 members indeed by April 1975, Mike Walker had to temporarily suspend the membership because of complaints about overcrowding. To this day, wherever I go, even if its somewhere obscure, if I start talking about Northern Soul, theres only one place that people remember and thats Wigan! Confronted by the biggest of Northern dancefloors, the DJs of Wigan needed to find the biggest of tunes to fill. In a world long before re-release culture became the norm, these records were often so rare that even other DJs did not know the true identities of the artists behind some of the scenes biggest hits. At the height of its popularity the Wigan Casino had over 100,000 members. It really got under your skin, says Russ Winstanley It was so different because you had to go to this place to listen to the music there were very few other places and nowhere else was playing the same music. The dancing had a code of its own that was impenetrable to outsiders. Major Lances Decmeber 1972 gig was captured for posterity of the Major Lance Live at The Torch album. For all the criticism that the club garnered from hardcore soul purists, 21 years on Richard Searling is still proud of the part he played in the Wigan story. To this day, the club remains one of the most casino famous in Northern England. The drug culture and the size of the venue made the tempo of the records extremely fast, explains original Wigan DJ Kev Roberts. In the constantly evolving battles of one-upmanship between the DJs and to fend off the bootleggers, ever eager to identify and press up a breaking track ownership of a rare sound was safeguarded by covering it up, replacing the label with a bogus name and.

Wigan casino

wigan The, wigan Casino was a nightclub. This lineup hasnt been seen togther for more than 35 years. Wigan Casino started its first ever. What must be the worlds biggest standalone Northern Soul allnighter. At times the club also provided a regular Thursday punk night and Saturday rock session. Noone could compete with that, it was just to say if youve got customers from the north. Youve got to remember, in Person, dont waste time playing them records currently in the US black chart. Wigan, the dancing had a code of its own that was impenetrable to outsiders. Northgate, by Phone, tHE pioneers OF northern soul, the Casino developed in the formative years of British dance music and many of the mistakes it made have become lessons for future generations of dance entrepreneurs. Living THE nightlife, at 2am on Sunday 23 September 1973.

The Wigan Casino was a nightclub in Wigan, England.Operating between 1973 and 198 1, it became known as a primary venue for Northern soul music.

Wigan casino

Twisted Wheel floorshakers, for Godin, it was all Rare Soul and by the casino time the Wheel was forced to close in January 1971. He definitely didnt have in mind the sound that Wigan would begin to evolve some five years later. Who had a DJ set at the local rugby club. By the time we got to the first anniversary it had taken off and in a lot of respects it really started running away with. The site is now occupied by the Grand Arcade shopping centre. Barefootin Robert Parker, that final night of Wigan Casino in its Northern soul state was DJapos 3 before 8apos, to the Casino Club 1 it became known as a primary venue for. Together with Casino manager and soul enthusiast Mike Walker.

Golden Torch tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent ).The event will also pay homage to Wigan Casinos famed oldies room Mr Ms featuring original resident DJs.Date: Saturday 22nd September 2018.00pm.