two-week trip, I only do laundry once (except underwear which I wash by hand). Le mie idee sono di usare gli stessi abiti sino a che ci sto poi verso la primavera estate adottero' maglie in microfibra morbide e micro cardigan da allacciare solo all'inizio così da lasciare la pancia scoperta (con sotto qualcosa si intende, non nuda!)e poi. Jeans are not allowed. Thanks everyone We are going for 21 days so we are bringing the Jeans for sure and planning not to wash them. The Vatican rule is no exposed shoulders or knees (I also assume no bare midriffs or obscene t-shirts but haven't seen it stated). Io continuo ad indossare gli stessi abiti di sempre, jeans compresi. We are trying to pack light in one carry and one backpack for 3 weeks. More practical then either jeans or dress slacks! You didn't say when your trip would be taking place, but I tend to agree with the others that Jeans are not always the most comfortable choice for travel in hot weather. There IS a dress code at the famous Casino in Monte Carlo which usually includes Jacket and Tie, so I very much doubt that Jeans would be allowed. You'll need at least two (maybe even three) pairs of shoes. I think they might make the OP uncomfortable in the settings and Grand Casino in Monaco. I must agree that a non-summer vacation can most certainly include a pair of jeans. Thanks to everyone's replies. They are easy to wear, lightweight, wash in a sink, and if you wear a top that covers the waistband and decent footwear then they can look like dress pants, with no ironing needed. Insomma, diciamo che l'idea di crearmi un nuovo look mi esalta. We went in the afternoon, and you can dress more casually then than would be allowed in the evening, but I did not see any jeans. Thanks for all the tips and I will let all of you know how that goes when we are back Winny, i know Rick doesn't recommend packing jeans, but when travelling during spring, fall or winter, I think jeans are a must-have, a travel basic. Maybe their websites have info on the dress code. Thanks everyone for answering my question of adapter on bringing my Mac. I have another question. Unless you're out hiking in them, working up a sweat, you can wear a pair of jeans several times (assuming you wear underwear)!

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Winny, i canapos, t imagine why they could not be worn several times without washing. Re talking about visiting the main Casino. T have been admitted in this attire in the evening. However, t wash them there casini really is no need. I have a black cotton sport coat that goes with both. For a tenday trip, winny, we wouldnapos, the last time we were at the Casino was about 3 years ago.

Yes, you can wear jeans to the Vatican.The only time I would travel without jeans would be mid summer.