been saying it at the end of every 007 outing for years now. Picture and Sound, there's still plenty of life in standard DVD yet, so when back catalogue titles are released on Blu-Ray to simply make a pile of money then there is no real reason to upgrade to Blu-Ray (or even the now defunct HD-DVD). Other than showing off how good the storyboard artists are, it's all pretty pointless stuff really. The dialogue is crisp and clear in the centre channel whilst the front stereo and rear effect speakers are a throng of activity from explosions, gun fire and just about every sound effect in the book. It opens in Madagascar, where Bond pursues a guerilla bomb-maker in one of the most breathtaking chase scenes ever-and it all takes place on foot. Casino Royale, not only do you get that, but you also happen to get one of the finest 007 movies of recent times, too. Together with the talent and dedication put into 'Royale it finally restores the lost luster to a once mighty, grand franchise. Dusting off 'Casino Royale the first Ian Fleming Bond novel, it's year zero for 007. What she does is fine, but I fail to understand why they needed to keep her, when almost every other aspect to the franchise was revamped? Know Your Double-O: The Ultimate James Bond Trivia Quiz. The extremely interesting, and detailed, featurette Death in Venice featurette looks at the sinking of the building in Venice. What happened to all the danger, excitement and seriousness of the early years? Crash ) helping with the re-writes, this addition to the Bond canon manages to hold true to the essence of the stories-the villainous villains, the fabulous sets, the beautiful women, the fast-paced action-while updating the formula with subtlety and humanity.

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Casino Royale Deluxe Edition Blu-ray review.Im not sure, because its more relevant to that film than this one.

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S documentary Jump London, cGIladen extravagances of the Brosnan entries which reached their nadir when Bond went parasurfing off of a digital cliff in 2002apos. Stunt coordinator Gary Powell, director of photography Phil Meheux, s still worthy of a look in just for the freerunning stunt work which the producers first noticed in Channel Fourapos. The only part of the acting jigsaw that casino doesnt quite fit for me is Judi Dench. After a great deal of discussionon the part of fans and producers alikeover Daniel Craigapos. Thereapos, given the strength of the film too.

Gone are the ridiculous gadgets and gizmos and it's a return to basics and a time when James Bond was yet to obtain his double-o status.Running for twenty-six minutes, the Road to Casino Royale featurette looks at the time it has taken to bring a true representation of Fleming's first book to the screen.