to neutral. Cross body back to finish. On the next eight count, back break and pull the follows under your joined arms making sure to raise your left hand so the follows do not have to duck. Prima - - Back break and the lead pulls follow up close with the follow's right arm up and catches follow, spins with the follow, then going to the next follow on the right. Jardin - - Enchufla and grab the follow's left hand with right and walk into the circle. The follow does the opposite, planting their left foot and doing a right, left, right shifting motion. The caller will call out different Cuban salsa patterns that might involve switching partners, clapping, yelling, stomping, or just about any movement your creative mind can think. Sombrero por bartons casino jackpot Debajo - - Start with the sombrero hand hold, then pull the follow around 360 and step in front of the follow to the right. The lead should be in front of and to the left of the follow in a left to left and right to right hand hold. This is listed in order of where they might come in a beginners' rueda. The lead grabs the hand of the next follow ahead and repeats the Sacala then Enchufla three times, on the fourth follow, do a cross body lead to end. Then spin the follow around in front and put them into a Sombrero on the right side. On the next eight count, the lead then turns the follow around clockwise in place and as the follow comes around to face the lead again, the lead does another hook turn but stops when facing upstream away from the follow. Some basic turn patterns that dont require switching partners are vacila, sombrero, exibela, guapea, and dile que. The lead then picks up the next follow to the right. Sacala - - Lead the follow into the centre of the circle and back out. Izquierda - Same as derecha, but to the left. Then grab the left arm of the next follow and moves to the next follow, grabbing their right arm. The follow's should be back-to-back and the leads facing each other across the follows. Media Prima (group move) - Start with a Prima and on the 5,6,7 the leads raise their left hand and step backwards, left foot first, under the arm of the follow on their left and stand back. On the next eight count, the follow is unwrapped and lead in a blind "pizza man" or spun around the back of the lead clockwise until they are completely around in a hammer lock position. Then, prepping on 7 again with the left hand, the follow is wrapped and the lead wraps as well, making sure to switch hands from left to right. Rueda de Casino, jump to navigation, jump to search.

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The leads should hold the arms at all times. The lead ask jaya casini puts their left hand low and right hand high and continues to rotate to the right until the lead is in a hammer lock facing the follow on the right. Everybody goes" to start the complicado sacala, hu" On the next eight count, s lead, faces follow and does a normal enchufla going to the next follow on the right. Pull the follow back and hook turn under the raised arm to face upstream. Then hair comb lead first right hand and then 888 casino für android left. Cross body, and does a hook turn, s right hand is palm. The follow is then pulled in front in wrapped with the right hand. The follow should be facing the lead with their right arm behind their back and the lead is facing downstream 2, then cross body lead back, the leadapos. La Jenny Enchufla 6 3, now the lead pulls with the right hand and leads the follow behind.

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At this point, matala This call usually follows Cucaracha or Cucaracha doble. For moves you dont know that dont require circolo switching partners. The follow back rocks with the right foot again and then spins counterclockwise to the right and is picked up for a cross body lead. While leading the follow into a back rock on their right and left for an eight count. The lead then back rocks left then right. Looking out, the follow keeps their hand around the midsection of the lead. Enchufla the follow and then cross body. S head should be at about belly height of the follow and the followapos 6, the lead puts the right hand on their shoulder and finishes like Balsero Dame con Chocolate. The lead and follow then back rock twice and on the third back rock. Lead turns counterclockwise facing away from the follow and on 5 6, s arms should be unwrapped, then lead the follow behind and start a mambo.

Hammer lock - - Lead and follow face each other with the follow's left arm behind their back holding onto the leads right hand.Casino rueda iki çift kadar küçük olabilir veya her dans kulübü kadar geni olabilir!Pelota Uno - - Enchufla, and before getting to the next follow, clap once.