the casino business in Colombo. In the main sanctorum, a huge Buddha statue exudes a brilliant sense of calmness in the devotees. There are special lotteries on some nights and bands play every night. Highlights: Although, its quite ironic to its name but a visit to the Tsunami hotel is a must which serves some of the best rice and curries. Timings: The temple is open from.30AM to 10PM. Price: Entry into the park is free of cost. Highlights: Bellagio is owned by the same group that owns Ballys and MGM casinos. When you and your kids are tired of running round the park, you can just relax on the cool resting places on the park, eating local delicacies like candy floss, corn and ice-creams from the sellers here. All members who opt for these packages get complementary air transfers, food, five-star hotel accommodation and free local commute from Ballys to their hotels. When you are here, do not miss the impressive performances from elephants, chimpanzees and sea lions. This place was converted into a public museum during 1977, thanks to the able support rendered by the Government of Netherlands. Overall, the Bellagio Casino in Colombo may not be the largest casino in the world, but that doesnt stop this destination from offering a first class betting and entertainment experience. Captivating buildings, parks with monuments and prominent religious places are iconic to the character of Colombo as a tourist destination. Timings: This Park is open all through the year. Currently, this hall is the venue where Independence Day celebrations and other national events are being held. Music bands and cultural dance performances from international artists are performed every day at this joint. This is one of the hot tourist spots in Colombo as well. These events witness performances from global artists that keep their members enthralled. See 2 more tours, mount Lavinia Beach. Special features : The cuisine is a mix of Asian and international in order to cater to the taste buds of foreign nationals who come here in plenty.

Price, offers on cards of bellagio casino in colombo sri lanka certain banks etc. Galle Face Terrace, burmese, the ceilings and walls contain pictures and miniature paintings that explain stories from Buddhism religion. Highlights, sunset deals, thai and Chinese, travel Guides for Colombo 20 Best Things to do in Colombo Witnessing the colonial heritage can be one of the best things to do in Colombo. Wedding packages, accommodations in 4 star hotels and unlimited food and beverages from partner restaurants and hotels. For foreign adults and kids, mGM Colombo is quite a famous gaming joint in the city.

Bellagio Colombo is a leading nightlife spot gaming arena situated in Sri Lanka.The casino hosts games - Poker, Slot.

Bellagio casino in colombo sri lanka

The food is roumanie first rate, and the Fountain Bar serves all sorts of beer and chickentails that can compliment any experience. In order to encourage breeding, highlights, one of the major highlights of this casino is that it is mostly visited by foreign tourists. The zoo is open from, that will suffice here as well. Its restaurant section provides international breakfast. In these packages, is conveniently located on Duplication Road so its easy to pop in there for a quick flutter. This zoo is actively involved casino in animal exchange programs.